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OpenGotha is a go tournament management program : Registration, pairing, results, ...

OpenGotha main features

  • Manages MacMahon and Swiss systems. The Tournament Organizer can choose predefined standard systems. He can also customize his tournament by setting by himself most of pairing and placement parameters.
  • It runs under Linux, MacOS and Windows.
  • Being based on a client-server architecture, a tournament may be managed from several workstations.
  • Up to 2000 players and 20 rounds.
  • EGF, AGA and FFG databases are integrated. Registering is thus faster and more reliable.
  • Automatic, Semi-automatic or Manual Pairing.
  • All Unicode character sets accepted, including Asian character sets.
  • Produces results in several formats, including formats for EGF, AGA and FFG rating lists, and a directly publishable file in HTML format.
Download OpenGotha

OpenGotha main internal features

  • OpenGotha has been designed on a totally transparent basis.
    You can get the sources from Github (GPL Licence).
  • The pairing algorithm is based on an evaluation function and a pairing algorithm
    • The evaluation function is, for each candidate pair, the algebric sum of a list of criteria. The weight of each criterion can be consulted and modified by the tournament organizer.
    • The pairing algorithm is a maximum weight matching algorithm.

OpenGotha description

See the OpenGotha user's guide